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Soul Ties
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RC Blakes, Jr.

There’s a spiritual, emotional and psychological phenomenon that causes people to get attached to certain negative and toxic individuals. It does not matter how many times the person may crush, disrespect or dishonor them, they cannot seem to break free. The question is asked, why? It’s a soul-tie.

In this program we will dive head-first into the ins and outs of soul-ties. In some way you might say we will go where few men dare to go. Because it is a confusing and embarrassing dynamic people tend to sweep the discussion under the rug. Nothing can be healed before it is revealed.  This program will open your understanding to the spiritual realities behind these unexplainable toxic bonds. I will share a lot of my personal experiences with you and how I broke free from soul-tie relationships. I will share the biblical and spiritual principles that apply to breaking free from soul-ties. Get ready to be free.

Soul Ties Online Program
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In this program we explore all of the principles of the book, Soul-Ties Breaking the Ties that Bind. It is a spiritual and biblical approach to addressing the issue of soul-ties and how to break them. I will walk you through the very process that I went through to break free from the bondage of soul-ties. You will also find a PDF download entitled Prayers to Break Soul-Ties.

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"Prayers To Break Soul-Ties"
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This online program is a continuation and deeper conversation with R.C. Blakes, Jr based on his best-selling paperback book, Soul Ties. Available on Amazon, if you do not yet have it. 

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