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RC Blakes, Jr.

Author - Speaker - Pastor - Empowerment Teacher

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Mordecai Mission

The Mordecai Mission is a 12 week, private mentoring group, conducted by RC Blakes just for women.

The objective is to address the trauma, false self-concepts, and debilitating paradigms that hold women within a self-contained psychological prison of doubt and inferiority.

 We discuss, ask and answer questions within a very safe space and ultimately break free from generations of bondage.

The sessions flow from three general topics:

Inner Healing
Self Discovery
Self Development

It’s 12-weeks of meetings by Zoom. The group gathers every weekend at the same time for extensive teaching and Q&A.

All of the materials needed to follow along through the course will be provided. Every week the upcoming study notes will be emailed, Zoom links provided and the Mordecai Team will be accessible for questions or concerns.

*Please note that these sessions are scheduled bi-annually.
The next session begins Early 2023

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KINGOLOGY Book and Study Guide
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For men, husbands, leaders, brothers, boyfriends, sons, and fathers.

Online Program

This was our very first cyber-conference for women worldwide with R.C. Blakes, Jr. We have packaged all of the sessions into an online program for you to enjoy! Click the image below to learn how you can purchase it

RC Blakes, Jr.

RC Blakes, Jr. is the husband of Lisa Blakes and father of four beautiful kids. He is the eldest son of Bishop Blakes, Sr. and he and his brother work together to oversee the New Home Family of Churches, a ministry encompassing six locations from Louisiana to Texas. He has been in ministry thirty three years and has been pastoring for twenty nine years. He serves as the Senior Pastor of the New Home Family Worship Center in New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas. He has a Masters of Theology from Christian Bible College of Louisiana and is a nationally sought after teacher of the word of God, as well as, a dynamic Empowerment Speaker.

RC is a regular teacher on World Harvest International Television Network. He and his brother Samuel host their own national television broadcast on the WORD NETWORK weekly. He and his family own and operate KKNO a Christian Radio station in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is the Author of The Father Daughter Talk Book that has attracted global attention.  He and his wife, Lisa are also the Authors of the book, God's Playbook For A Winning Family that has brought restoration to many families. 

His teaching style is life application, empowering, and is based on exposing the principles in the word of God. People gain a workable knowledge of the bible as he expounds on the scripture. His ministry is characterized as Empowering, Positive, Practical and Prophetic.

Lisa Blakes

Lisa Blakes was born in Kingston Jamaica and grew up in Toronto, Ontario Canada.  In 1987, she moved to the city of New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States of America.  Lisa is a graduate of the Charity School of Nursing in the state of Louisiana and is a Registered Nurse. She is also a graduate of the Christian Bible College of Louisiana and has a BA in Christian Education. 

She is the wife of Pastor, Empowerment Speaker, and Author, Bishop R.C. Blakes, who she honors greatly and partners with in all that God has called him to do.  Lisa is also the proud mother of 3 young women, one young man and grandmother of two boys. Lisa is the First Lady of New Home Family Worship Center of New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas, where she serves untiringly. Along with her husband, Lisa is the Co-author of the book  “God’s Playbook For A Winning Family.”

Although Lisa is a prolific teacher of the Word of God, in her own right, and is using her gifts to empower the Body of Christ, her real passion is to serve.  She is a true philanthropist! Lisa loves to share her life’s lessons with others. Her main objective is to empower others, especially young ladies and broken women, to reach their full potential and to live a happy and fulfilled life. She believes that pain is an ingredient to produce purpose.

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