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Each online program will be an expansion of one of RC Blakes's best-selling books.
We are excited to offer these programs for those who want to study the topics more in-depth, chapter by chapter.  Our online programs will be available to you anytime, anywhere...and on any computer or mobile device! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the content.

We recently launched online programs for "Transcending The Father Wound" and "Sisters Winning In Ministry" and they are available for purchase below.

In addition, I invite you to pre-register for any or all of the other online programs in development.  Simply enter your name and e-mail address to let us know which ones you are most interested in.  We will notify you when they are complete.  We already have a huge interest in the "Queenology" online it will likely be he next one I create for you!  Thank you for your continued support.

Transcending The Father Wound Online Program

A biblical online program by RC Blakes, Jr. Transcending the father wound is a look inside of the trauma that a fatherless childhood produces. We will look at the psychology this produces in the individual and how it impairs the them socially to some degree. We will discuss spiritual remedies for the pain and biblical strategies for the healing process.


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Sisters Winning In Ministry Online Program

Just Launched!  This program is designed to speak to some of the basics that every woman in ministry should understand. In this program I do my best to affirm the validity of a woman’s ministry as well as provide practical insight to doing ministry effectively. Wisdom for women in ministry is the conversation that every spiritual father should have with his daughters in ministry. This program is for the woman who chooses to obey God at all cost and to give God her best.


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Online Program

Queenology is the follow up to R.C Blakes' most popular book and timeless message, The Father Daughter Talk. One might call it the sequel. In the Father Daughter Talk he diagnoses the condition of a generation of women who are suffering from a deep father wound and the implications on their choices and self esteem. If the Father Daughter Talk is a diagnosis, QUEENOLOGY is the prescription. In this book, he expands his message to the woman to the next dimension. He boldly declares that every woman is a queen and in spite of her broken history, royalty is her destiny. Queenology offers the woman insights and principles for reigning in spite of the odds being against her. Queenology is as a king sitting down with queens and saying this is who you are and here's how you do it. Queenology is R.C. Blakes' answer to a generation of queens who've not been informed of their true station yet. In the book he discusses such principles as: Queens manage emotion, Queens study kings, Queens are financially savvy, Queens maximize their potential, Queens eliminate insecurity and negativity, Queens possess presence, Queens only hear kings, and Queens keep a royal circle. Queenology is a manual for the modern queen. It is for the woman who is ready to fix her crown, take her throne and expand her empire.


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The Father Daughter Talk Online Program

As the father of three daughters, the author became extremely concerned about the rapid and constant erosion of female dignity in our society -- video vixens, sex tapes, multiple sex partners, etc.

Research shows that girls with an unstable father figure are more likely to have an unplanned pregnancy, low self-esteem, be a school dropout, and become involved in drugs and alcohol.

This book should be read by every father, as a no-holds-barred guide to having a heart-to-heart life-changing talk with their daughters. It should also be placed into the hands of every young woman -- even if there is no father figure present in her life. This candid advice will help her become assertive, proactive, productive, and creative as she grows into adulthood. 

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Soul Ties
Online Program

This book will help the reader to understand why they are attached to toxic people and how to break free. This phenomenon is called SOUL-TIES. We will show you, in this book, what it is, how it works, and ultimately how to destroy it. There are many people whose lives have been destroyed because of soul-ties. Together, we can break the ties that bind you.


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Imperfectly Holy
Online Program

In an era when the subject of holiness is skewed by the extreme philosophical views of men, we need a biblical perspective. Religion and philosophy have only served to confuse sincere seekers and frustrate the faithful. In the pages of this book, you will discover the practical and spiritual process of holiness. Holiness is not perfection. Holiness is transformation None of us will ever be flawless, but we can all transform into greater godliness. 

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God's Playbook For A Winning Family  Online Program

God's Playbook For A Winning Family is a practical guide written using the analogy of a football team in response to the brokenness of families in society today. The Authors share Biblical principles, along with the positions on a football team to clearly demonstrate the path to attaining successful families. Included in this reading are: The Basic Components of a Successful Team; The Three C's of a Close Family Team; Keys to Keeping a Happy Team and Rookies and Free Agents. Building the foundation of the family will ultimately build the foundation for successful neighborhoods, communities, cities and countries. 

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