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QUEENOLOGY 2.0 The Training For Reigning

In QUEENOLOGY 2.0 we turn the discussion to the conscious queen preparing to intentionally reign from a place of health, consciousness and power. This is the third installment in an ongoing conversation that started with The Father Daughter Talk and then we discussed QUEENOLOGY and the consciousness of a woman. This is the next dimension. When a woman wakes up she has to actually reign. This is the training for reigning. 

What you'll get:

  • Introduction
    By R.C. Blakes, Jr. 

  • Session 1
    The 3 Pillars of Sustainable Self-Esteem

  • Session 2
    The Art Of Building Influence

  • Session 3
    The 5 People Every Queen Needs

  • Session 4
    The Diplomacy Of The Queen

  • Session 5
    How A Queen Establishes Boundaries

  • Session 6
    The 7 Signs Of A King

  • Final Words 
    By R.C. Blakes, Jr. and Lisa Blakes