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SOUL TIES Online Program


  • Session 1 In this session we define what a soul-tie is and how it develops.

  • Session 2 In this session I will open your mind to the intangible difficulties behind breaking soul-ties.

  • Session 3 In this session we are looking at the fact that soul-ties are maintained by demonic forces. This bond is not natural.

  • Session 4 A soul-tie is the product of a sick soul. In this session we are looking at the signs of a sick soul. How can you recognize the signs?

  • Session 5 In this session we look at the restoration of the soul. When the soul has been broken there is a divine process to restore the soul.

  • Session 6 This is where we look at the process of breaking a soul-tie. There’s a four-part biblical approach that I will show you.

  • Session 7 There will be pain! When you are being purified from the toxicity of soul-ties there are areas in your life where you will experience excruciating pain as the old norm dies.

  • Session 8 Every soul-tie leaves traces of the previous bondage. These traces of former tendencies and proclivities must be purged intentionally. This is here is where we look at the process of purging the residue of soul-tie trauma. Soul-ties always leave a trace that must be intentionally purged. Call it finish work.