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"This book has opened my eyes to who I really am as a woman, and how as a QUEEN, I should be conducting myself. This book excites my soul because it speaks to the woman that’s ALREADY present within me. Thank you Bishop Blakes for this offering of love. We (women all over the world) are better for it!"

Amazon Review - January 2018

" love Pastor Blakes' imaginative use of storytelling to express his points. This book should be used as a manual for women to train our minds to be the Queens that we are meant to be. Too many of us have been stifled by negative life experiences with no one in our daily lives to remind us of who we truly are, and for that, I thank the author for filling that role! I will re-read this until it becomes so prevalent that I know it by heart. Thank you!"

Amazon Review - August 2018

"This book is a great gift to young ladies. It's never too late to start valuing yourself at any age and I truly enjoyed this God centered reading. I passed it down to my daughter."

Amazon Review - August 2018

"It was worth the time, and money. I truely enjoyed the book and I can't wait to read the rest of his books. Thank you to Pastor Blakes for his words of wisdom."

Amazon Review - July 2018

"This book was SO good! I'm 29 and pretty much grew up with a lack of 'fatherly' guidance in my life---so I made ALL sorts of mistakes. The crazy thing is, God doesn't make mistakes and will definitely give you beauty for ashes. I'm definitely in a season where I feel like I am being separated and striped of all of the things not God like. This book gave some very practical and real tips that I can apply to my life NOW to start manifesting and pulling down the blessings that God has stored up for me. I bought like (3) copies because I have a sister and a young girl that I'm mentoring who I believe need to read this. Change definitely starts in the mind and emptying out all of those old belief patterns, forgiving the past, closing the door on toxic and unproductive relationships is a start. WE ARE QUEENS and in order to stake our claim, we each have to KNOW who we are in Christ. Blakes' does a great job of detailing this! I'm definitely going to put this one down and refer to it often as I continue my journey. Enjoy!"

Amazon Review - July 2018

"This book is life changing and amazing! I love Pastor R. C. Blake Jr. and all of his teachings but this book is eye opening. If you read this book and walk away the same it again until you get it. I am so happy and blessed that I found this book. I began putting his teachings in place after every chapter."

Amazon Review - October 2018

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