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"This book encouraged me as I journey through, post-divorce, from a very toxic marriage, I will continue to utilize it as a devotional guide to the healing of my soul. Thanks Pastor Blakes."

Amazon Review - March 2018

"The insight this man has into the spiritual nature of relationships is profound. I hope all women and men have the opportunity to read and review this books and find the truth in the words he has written and how it relates to the word of God. You are more than your choices. Anything you have done wrong, your bad choices can all be washed away with the blood of Jesus Christ and the courage and willpower to follow a righteous path and do better. I hope this book is a blessing for you in the way it has been for me. "

Amazon Review - April 2018

"Bishop Blakes’ teachings are profound yet simple enough for us all to understand. His teachings are for present day and everyday. I am so grateful to GOD for bringing Bishop’s book and videos to me. They have brought me through a very difficult time in life and continue to motivate me to my new level in Jesus Christ. Thank you Bishop RC Blakes!!!"

Amazon Review - April 2018

"Excellent Material!! I listen to him on you tube and had to get his books."

Amazon Review - October 2018

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